Impact Stories & Blogs

Our team share their insights and perspectives on the impact our program is having on youth in East and Central Africa.

by Mariam Nakigudde, Cohort 9, Uganda 

 One great evening, I walked in the office of the Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Guild president. I found him focused on his computer busy typing. I then asked him why he was so busy still at campus late in the evening and he told me he was applying for YALI RLC EA, a program I had never heard about. I wrote it down and did more online research. I was sold.

I later went through the application process and in July 2016 I was selected for Cohort 9. YALI RLC EA enabled me to discover my potential in changing the face of my community. I made networks with other young leaders whom we shared ideas with, brainstormed, gave each other a shoulder to lean on that built us cohesion through which a synergy has been built that to date we support each other’s’ activities. The networks across the 14 countries keeps me abreast in terms of news, innovations, which I am grateful for because it has boosted my cross-cultural experience and understanding.

After YALI RLC EA, I was determined to lead the change I needed to see happen in my community. I started to work on some projects; tree planting campaign and advocacy to stop the use of polythene bags to protect the environment.  

Having grown up accustomed to using polythene bags for packaging, cooking, among other uses, I had noted it has led to a lot of destruction of the environment, human and animal health. My friends and I founded Mvule Generation, a non-profit organization that focuses on addressing environmental challenges and providing sustainable solutions easily adaptable in the face of the need for economic survival. We are a dynamic and up-to-date versatile team with simplified hands-on approaches to bring about humane behaviour and a positive mindset change in the society.

Mvule Generation provides a cheap and environmentally friendly solution to plastic bags usage by distributing affordable and reusable paper bags to retail outlets. We address the real, everyday life environmental issues that require timely and structured solution-oriented approaches that focus on setting goals and formulating clear approaches to change. We aim to effect positive change environmentally by working with the current generation and generations to come as a lasting solution to environmental degradation.

We work closely with various university student leaders, primary and secondary schools, the Ministry of Education, eco-organizations and various shareholders in the eco-movement through whom we believe a multiplier effect can be effected thus growing the impact in rural and urban areas.

We target young, energetic and innovative young people that form over 68% of Uganda’s population most of whom are in the institutions of higher learning.  This gives us assurance that we are working within sustainable and achievable means to boost and enhance climate adaptation among the many Ugandans who are still ardent users of polythene bags with a small solution as Mvule Generation Eco bags.

To enhance its usage adaptability, we also carry out mass public education through our partners on the importance of using climate adaptable means of survival for the present and the generations to come.

Friday, 15 May 2020, 7:05 PM