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In order to continue pushing for the fundamental leadership outcomes that we desire; we position mentorship as core to help further cement the teachings from our 4-week program. Mentors are the role models, coaches, acquaintances, and guiding lights who will be a crucial part of developing our participants to positively improve their communities, enhance their leadership skills, and become global citizens.

Our mentorship programs’ goal is to offer relationships that increase the success of our alumni towards building the cadre of leadership required for Africa.

Particularly, it is our hope that our alumni in the Business and Entrepreneurship track will be challenged to be innovative business leaders who will lead an enterprise revolution creating new jobs. We hope that our alumni who are young civic leaders will lead the charge for ethical and servant leadership with community initiatives established across Africa and those in the public management space will inspire innovative ways of addressing governance and service delivery challenges in their countries and in Africa. With mentorship supporting our curriculum and other post-YALI RLC EA training initiatives, we hope innovative models for delivering services will be documented and scaled up to inspire governance revolution in Africa.

From our experience, we know that mentoring can support professional and career development, through the transfer of knowledge, skills and networks. We also know that mentoring can be a way to excite and encourage people to become more active in their sectors and support young people to become leaders in their fields and it can empower the mentee to develop personally and professionally.

All Mentors will be required to have full-time work experience of a minimum of three years. Information that the Mentor provides in this application form will be filled to Mentor Profile that will be accessible on password-protected Mentorship Portal open only to participants of the program. The participant will then be able to select a Mentor and request to be matched with him/her. The Mentor will be able to confirm the request and commence the engagement with the Mentee.

In order to establish a fulfilling and meaningful relationship, we encourage Mentors and Mentees to interact at least once a week during the six-month mentorship duration. At the end of the six-month engagement, the Mentor and Mentee will have the option to either continue or discontinue their engagement depending on whether they will have achieved their mutually set goals.

We sincerely appreciate your willingness to share your time, talent, skills, and knowledge with a young leader through the YALI Regional Leadership Center East Africa Mentorship Program.

Thank you

Alumni & Volunteer Relations Team

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